Treatment For Baby Eczema

Many children, especially in the western world fall victim to atopic dermatitis or infantile eczema. It is a form of eczema or skin infection an affected person is unable to stop itching. Children who end from baby eczema have a tendency to have a dry skin. They are very sensitive to itching and along with it there is an increased risk of developing other atopic illnesses – asthma, hay fever and allergy. 1 out of 6 children continue to have eczema even after their childhood. The exact causes of the disease are not entirely clear but for the majority of sufferers, hay fever, infantile eczema or asthma run in the family. Children with this disease are also known to suffer from asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, hay fever or some other kind of allergic illness. Treatment for baby eczema varies.

One other treatment for baby eczema may be pro biotic tablets. These contain bacteria which are live microbial organisms which are found in the digestive tract. They restrain the growth of potentially harmful bacteria while influencing the immune system. At the same time it strengthens the protective barrier that lines the digestive tract.

The basic treatment that needs to be given to the children is to wash them well in lukewarm and not hot water. If the water is hot then after the bath it may lead to the release of histamines on the skin which may further lead to more itching. Just after the baby is bathed he or she must be moisturized. Do not use any soap or if you do use, then use the mildest soap possible for bathing the baby. Care must be taken to see it that the baby is moisturized within 3 minutes of taking bath. This will help retain all the moisture in the body itself. Various creams such as Nivea, Ponds, etc are available in the market these days. Apply any one of these for proper treatment for baby eczema.

At the places where rash has occurred, you can apply topical anti biotic ointments. This helps prevent infections. If infections occur then oral medicines also need to be taken. In areas where a flare up has occurred, you can apply anti inflammatory prescriptive medicines. To understand the amount of cream that should be applied on the affected area the concerned doctor should be consulted. There are many other measures that need to be followed in the treatment for baby eczema. None of the eczema allergens should be allowed to trigger. Also the baby should be clothed only in loose cotton clothing.

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