Top Old Wives Tales Tips For Conceiving a Baby Boy Or Girl – Myths to Conceive Or Have a Boy Or Girl

Having a baby is a great gift that the couple is dying to receive. It is greatly intensified by having the desired baby boy or baby girl. Since many methods are procedures are widely known to help in this query, still many mothers and couples won’t deny the fact that they believe old wives tales tips and tricks for conceiving a baby boy or girl. Some say there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it does not interfere with the health of the mother and the baby. There’s nothing to lose if you believe with superstitious rituals and tricks. It simply shows that mothers and couples are willing to take and learn different ideas necessary to have their future baby boy or baby girl. It seems to be unusual but trying it is nevertheless fun and exciting.

One famous trick is that the husband must wear socks during love-making. It is believed that when a woman concentrates more on the attire of her partner rather than her sexy lingerie a boy is likely to be conceived. Sound funny right? Some says the moon is the key to a male baby. The unusual advice is to do lovemaking during quarter moon. The light of the moon is said to shed light to conceive a male baby. Here’s another tip, check the hairline at base of the neck of you last child. The good news is that if its straight across a male baby is likely to be the next baby. If the man is more dominant in your relationship, a boy is said to be the result. So far these old wives tales tips and tricks for conceiving a baby is risk free since it does not involve the health of the mother. If the woman is a nagger or a worrywart, she must prepare for the delivery of a boy.

Temperament is another associated link to pregnancy. The old tradition is the woman usually seduces her partner to do love-making. Tricks and rituals for a baby boy do not support this practice. It should be the other way around. A male baby is likely to be produce when the man seduces her wife during baby-making. The man is the captain of the ship this time. In the middle of the night, the position of the woman in reference to his husband is also considered. A woman sleeping in the left side of her husband is also believed to produce a baby boy. If the couple agrees to these beliefs there’s nothing wrong with it. Some say it also strengthens the bond of the couple since they have their own part in working to have their desired baby. Old Wives tales tips and tricks for conceiving a baby boy is said to work for those who believe.

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