The Secret To Playing With A Child

I grew up working in a daycare whenever I was youngger, and I have always had a gift for getting along with children. Whenever I first met my niece and nephew, after I first started dating my girlfriend, they became like family to me long before my wife and I got married. I've always been able to bond with children, and I do not do anything special that other adults can not do, but most of them are unwilling to have the patience that I do. The irony behind all of this is the fact that I am actually not a patient person to begin with, and when I am dealing with adults I quite often get frustrated and easily lose my patience. However, this is often exactly why I tell people that it is not as difficult to get along with children as they think, as someone like me who has so little patience, can have endless amounts for them.

Often times one of the best ways to bond with a child is to learn how to play with them, because this is what they see as a sign of trust, and I even remember when I was a child how much it meant to me when my uncles or someone I looked up to would take the time out to play with me. However, one thing that I have learned over the years is the fact that a lot of the things that kids want to play with I find quite boring at times. I used to suffer along and play games and other such things because they wanted to. I did not have very much fun doing this, but I did it because I wanted to make these children happy. I then read an article written by a father who explained how he started having fun playing with his children, when he did it on his own terms. In other words, he started making suggestions about games that they should play, and was quite surprised to find out that his children would happily go along with most of them.

I was not quite sure if this advice was going to work, but I put it in the test with my own little cousins ​​who I would often babysit and later on my daughter as well. I discovered that this advice was pure gold, as I started playing only games and activities that I enjoyed the most, and playing with children became something I really started to look forward to. If you are a parent, I highly suggest that you give this advice a try, and see how it works for you. You will most likely see that in many cases children will happily go along with most games or activities that you suggest, simply because they just want to spend time with you and have your undivided attention.

Source by William Jason

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