The Perfect Time to Try a Summer Vacation Without ADHD Meds

So all through the school year you have used the prescription drugs your doctor and the school said your child needed in order to conform in the classroom, to fit in, to be able to function, etc. etc. You have seen the side effects of increased blood pressure and heart rate, sleep problems and loss of appetite and you would love to have a summer vacation without ADHD meds running your life! You don't want to continue using the stimulants because you know they can lead to mental disorders like hostility and paranoia.

Withdrawal symptoms of most ADHD medications include fatigue, depression, and disturbed sleep. If you child has been taking prescription meds for ADHD for a long time you should wean them off gradually so the withdrawal symptoms are not severe. It is best to ask your doctor for advice. Doctors do advise a break from the medicines from time to time to see if the child stills needs them or to give the child's system a rest from any side effects they may be having. According to a survey in 2004 by Eli Lilly and Company, it was stated that half of parents of kids with ADHD would have summer without ADHD meds.

OK so if you have decided to try a summer without ADHD meds. There are many alternatives to the drugs that are so harsh for a young person trying to grow and develop. There would be more time to switch dietary triggers gradually before school starts. There would be time to try out new natural alternatives to the prescription drugs that have so many side effects and see if indeed they can work for your child without the pressure of school schedules.

I was reading some ADHD message boards for alternative therapy and it is very enlightening to see how many parents have decided to take things into their own hands and try something else. And, to see so many alternatives work and be able to take their kids off of the drugs completely. Maybe it's time for you to have a summer vacation without ADHD meds?

Source by Rebecca Theresa Shelly

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