Swarofski Binoculars

While choosing binoculars have been difficult in the past due to the absence of a specific step by step guide, consumers have usually managed to go by personal preference. Often choosing to buy a binocular is based on their price and performance. This strategy typically ends up compromising one feature. With rare cases involving professionals choosing the expensive yet high performing option (some of them usually choose to just use telescopes altogether), and casual buyers opting for cheap, average performing binoculars.

Swarofski Binoculars has always been a great example of a perfect balance between price, performance and features. Nowhere is this more truthful than with their Swarofski EL Binocular, a light weight, high quality binocular whose design has been imitated by various other binocular manufacturers these past few years.

The Swarofski EL Binocular uses an empty space between the two barrels, a far cry from other brands of binoculars that use a solid central shaft to connect the two barrels together. The Swarofski binoculars' design choice is not without purpose or merit, though. With the ubiquitous space in the middle, the user easily can reach out and pick up the EL by one slim barrel; the hand sliding down easily into the empty space, allowing for an easy, secure grip. This makes the EL hand and easy to grab and use, allowing you to hold and operate it in one hand while your other hand does other tasks, like closing a car door or holding a map.

Manufactured in Austria, the EL model of Swarofski Binoculars also has one of the widest fields of view among the top binocular brands and models. No other 10×42 has a 330 ft. field of vision range at 1000 yards. The wide field of view gives the Swarofski EL a sense of transparency, which means that they almost seem to disappear when you put them to you eyes, extremely giving the impression that you've moved closer to what you're looking at, instead of just zooming in at faraway objects.

The Swarofski EL Binoculars provide exceptional color fidelity and crisp contrast, without sacrificing brightness. Comparing it to other similar priced binoculars shown that the EL can perform exceptionally well both in bright and dim lights, its high resolution images holding up even at dusk and dark settings.

For its features, the Swarofski EL Binoculars have tethered objective lens covers, which is a locking diopter adjustment that advances accidental removal and makes the cleaning a little bit easier and worry-free due to its twist-up eyecups. To top off its excellent performance, this Swarofski binocular is very sturdy. Sporting nitrogen purged buildings, and demonstrating a a tight and waterproof ability, estimated to remain watertight up to a depth of 13 feet. Very few competitive models can honestly lay claim to such durability.

As the perfect choice for high-quality, reasonably-priced binoculars, the Swarofski EL Binocular can be easily bought from reputable stores catering to binoculars and telescopes, and is available in 10×42, 8.5×42, a10x42, and 8×32 models.

Source by Cassaundra Flores

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