Save Money on Diapers! 4 Strategies to Reduce Your Spending on Diapers and Help the Environment

Diapers are a daily cost that really ads up. How can you save money on your diaper budget?

Your baby wears diapers everyday, and may until they are 3 or even 4! That is a lot of money draining from your weekly budget to manage waste.

You can reduce your spending on diapers by discovering a few simple strategies. By taking a broader approach to diapers, you can reduce your spending and reduce the impact on the environment of your diapering choices. Considering the Earth is high in our collective consciousness these days; it is great to know that saving on your spending on diapers and helping the environment are often mutally beneficial. By doing one, you are also doing the other!

Here are 4 Simple Strategies to Reduce your Spending on Diapers:

1. Buy Your Disposable Diapers in Bulk

– this is called ‘precycling’ – we know buying diapers in bulk is cheaper price-wise, but also, less packaging, transport, trips to the shop and advertising also means preventing costs to the environment as well.

2. Invest in Some Cloth Diapers – Using Cloth is Cheaper!

– Yes, you need to buy them in the first place, but do it gradually – one diaper at a time. You’ll save potentially hundreds each month.

3. Have Regular Diaper Free Time For Your Baby

– use a towel from the bathroom rail that you dried from this morning. It is ‘reusing’ it effectively and you can save a nappy by having your baby roll around on it for an hour, saving a nappy. Time outside in nature, they can do a wee on the grass rather than a nappy – it helps the grass grow!

4. Practice Elimination Communication (EC) – Do it Part Time to Reduce Your Overall Use of Diapers!

– by offering your baby the opportunity to go on a potty at diaper changes, before a bath and when they wake up, you’ll ‘save’ the use of some diapers.

Using these strategies will save you money as well as help reduce waste going into the environment, and help prevent our natural resources being wasted on disposables worn a few hours then going into landfill.

Think about it: even ONE less diaper a day will save you money over the time until your baby weans from diapers to undies. It means potentially 1095 fewer ‘messy’ changes. That’s a lot! What would 1095 diapers cost? By doing the math, you may decide to discover a more flexible approach to diapering, which is also more natural.

One last thing. All that experience without a diaper on will help your baby to retain their natural awareness of their body, making eventual toilet training a much smoother and natural transition.

Source by Charndra Josling

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