Safe Practices For Preventing Accidental Injuries

Here are some more tips for preventing accidental injuries in the home: Avoid placing sofas or ot her furniture against windows to prevent children from climbing them and falling through the windows. For lighting, consider ceiling or wall-mounted lighting. This prevents children from pulling a dangling cord and having a lamp fall on them.

Replace window treatments purchased before 2001 with newer, safer products. Older window treatments with cords pose a major threat of strangulation because they were manufactured before the institution of current cord safety standards. If replacement is not possible, visit the Window Covering Safety Council’s Web site for free retrofit kits to make older window coverings safer.

Keep household plants away from young children to prevent accidental ingestion. Even plants deemed “safe” can be poisonous in large amounts or cause injury if a child chokes on them. Buy age-appropriate toys to avoid choking and other unintended injuries during play. Reset your hot water heater thermostat to 120 degrees to prevent water burns. Avoid bathing young twin babies together in a large tub while by yourself.

Even when infants are able to sit, they can slip while sitting and fall with their faces below the water level. When you have two babies falling underwater at the same time, it can set up a dangerous situation. If you must bathe them together, use a separate baby tub designed to safely support each baby rather than putting both in a large tub.

One mother of twin toddlers recommended using two small laundry baskets. Never leave young children unattended in a bathtub because they can drown in as little as two inches of water. If you decide to bathe your twins together, never leave one twin baby in the tub while you dry the other.

Rather, take both babies out of the water, and then proceed to dry and dress them. Lock up any weapons or fire arms. Firearms should have a childproof gun lock or trigger lock. Store guns unloaded, and lock guns and bullets separately.

Source by Laura Hampton-Burke

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