Quick Tips For Disciplining Your Children and Teens

Adolescence and teen age years are when a child is in between being a kid and adult. This is the age group of raging hormones. This is a time where battles ensue between the parent of an adolescent or teen and their kid in that age group. Adolescents/teens make it their business to test their parents limits; as the teen takes a stance of both independence and experimentation. Once again as a parent you have to pick and choose your battles. There will be so many you can’t fight every little thing. You have to be fair but firm when it comes to teens and discipline. Choose those things that involve safety and morality for you battles first. Let issues that bother you like the clothes on the bedroom floor be a secondary type of issue to contend with when it comes to your teen and enforcing the rules.

When it comes to enforcing rules and limits with teens you have to be very clear of what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior. When you are clear there can be no room for misinterpretation of the rules to suit the teen or adolescent. Although you may loosen the reigns up on somethings that are age appropriate; teens with little or no discipline get into trouble. The proof is all around us in the news and in life. By setting reasonable limits you are helping your teen make the right choices when they are faced with so many temptations. Today’s teen faces things like under aged sex, unwanted pregnancies, drug and substance abuse, dropping out of school, teen and gang violence and other things.

The whole idea behind imposing rules and limits on a teen is to help equip them with the concept of what is and isn’t a right choice. You want to engrain in them the ability to make the right decisions when faced with choices. When a teen feels loved and respected they tend to make the right choices anyway. When they feel safe and secure with you as a parent guiding them it helps them withstand the tests that peer pressure places on them.

Peer pressure among many of the other challenges that face teens today definitely tests the teens discipline. It is things like this that challenges your teen to put all the discipline you have taught them to the forefront. Your good parenting skills in relation to discipline; is what teaches a teen how to execute the right choices on their own. Parents who guide their teens are teaching them how to make the right decisions based on the code of conduct you instilled in them all the years growing up. It also teaches them to develop their own set expectations and limitations in relation to their peers that they impose themselves when faced in certain situations.

It has been found that when a teen clearly understands the rules you set; they also understand the consequences they face for breaking the rules. Because of this it is recommended by the experts that you praise your teen and reward them for good behavior as well as giving them discipline. It encourages them to continue displaying good behavior as well as and behaving positively in adverse situations.

Source by Miranda Cosby

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