Potty Training Beginner's Guide To Nighttime Toilet Training

Are you considering starting nighttime potty training?

Would you like some help with this stage of potty training?

Let me give you some advice as to accomplish this.

Are you going to start this at the same time as daytime potty training? If it's an older child that I'm potty training then I stay both daytime and nighttime toilet training at the same time. With a younger child it may be more difficult for him to take himself to the bathroom. You may both feel that undertaking them both at the same time is too difficult.

How to!

  • Give her plenty to drink during the day and taper these fluids off toward bedtime. Avoid giving your child a drink for at least an hour and a half before she goes to bed. Experiment and see how long your child needs.
  • Immediately before you go to bed yourself or after three or four hours lift your child and take her to the toilet. Do not put the light on but eave the door open a little so that you can see what you are doing.
  • Make sure you dress your child nightwear that is easy to manage.
  • Use positive reinforcement by saying to your child "I'm sure your going to be dry in the morning" and not "I hope your not going to have a wet bed in the morning"
  • Take diapers or pull-ups off as soon your child wakes up in the morning. Encourage her to do this for herself by placing a bin nearby for her to put the dry or wet one in (unless she does a poo at night).
  • Make a lot of fuss of her when she's dry in the morning and do not use negative words when she is not.
  • Use some sort of reward system when she's dry a chart works well with some special stickers. You may want to give her a special gift when she has been dry for a specified number of nights.

Remember what you are trying to do. You're training your child to recognize when she needs to use the bathroom and then to get herself there as quickly as she needs too.

Being consistent can make the difference between success and failure and repeating the same thing night after night will build your child's confidence.

Source by Maureen Lawrence

Potty Training Beginner's Guide To Nighttime Toilet Training
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