Pacifier Necklaces Baby Shower Games Favors Prizes 12 Blue or 12 Pink, You Pick!!. Boy’s, Girl’s (Pink)

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(as of Sep 26,2021 10:44:58 UTC – Details)

12 PINK OR BLUE, YOU PICK COLOR Large Clear Pacifier Necklaces Baby Shower Party Game Decoration Favors U-Pick the Color . Handmade Baby Pacifiers. The pacifiers include Ribbon and a Baby Shower Sign. These Pacifiers are perfect for classic “Don’t say BABY!”or “Don’t cross your Legs!” baby shower game. Pick a baby shower action or word such as “mom” or “baby” As yours guests arrive, give each of them a pacifier necklace and tell them not to say the word. If a guest catches someone saying the word or crossing their legs while sitting during the shower that person gives their pacifier to the person who caught them, the one with most pacifiers at the end of the shower wins. Each Pacifier come with a (36 inches) nylon cord. Color:PINK OR BLUE Pacifier Size: 2-1/2″ x 1-1/4″LargePINK, BLUE PACIFIERS FAVOR YOU PICK BOY’S OR GIRL’S

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