Maternity Lingerie is Not What it Used to Be – And That's a Good Thing!

You're pregnant! A time of excitation, anticipation and a lot of changes. Once you have settled into the practicalities of pregnancy and the preparation for both your baby and yourself, you will eventually turn to the issue of maternity lingerie.

This will more than likely be around the three month mark as during your first trimester there are a lot of changes to your breasts as your body prepares for the temporary breastfeeding of your baby. As fat builds up, your size will increase and your regular lingerie will need to be replaced by specifically designed maternity and nursing lingerie to ensure comfort, health and convenience.

Whether you are pregnant for the first time or not, you will no doubt have images in your mind of catalogs full of women with swollen abdomens covered with supportive-looking thick beige fabric. Thankfully, this is an era banished to the realms of fashion history or rather, fashion faux pas'! Maternity lingerie has come a long way and there are now a huge number of options for sexy maternity and nursing wear which is supportive, comfortable and provides breathability where it's most needed. Fabrics too, are more durable and designed to withstand the extra laundry necessary for pregnancy and nursing lingerie. Even though you personally may not feel sexy, it is a huge relief, believe me, to know that it is okay to look and feel feminine when wearing your gorgeous designer maternity lingerie. The use of exquisite fabrics and laces, fashion forward colors and matching underwear is now the norm. Why we ever put up with tent like, all-encompassing bras and knickers is beyond any woman who has been pregnant or breastfed through the design transition!

There are other important improvements too which have been incorporated into today's maternity lingerie which encompasses bras, underpants and sleepwear. We now know that breasts lose their shape and firmness even more if the pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie you choose is not supportive and fitting perfectly. You will also experience contracting to your neck, back and shoulders if your breasts do not have the right amount of support.

In addition to the fact women are now able to revel in wearing fashionable, glamorous lingerie during pregnancy and beyond, there has been another breakthrough in this area. Cassie Sweden, bra technician for over 17 years, talks about the issues surrounding underwire. "Women believe they will only have support in fuller cup sizes if their bras have underwire. This is not the case and should be avoided at all costs! Well designed maternity lingerie will afford you all the support you need without the use of underwire, which can cut off blood supply, block milk ducts and lead to infections as serious and painful as mastitis. " She also recommends being fitted by a professional bra fitter who will ensure the maternity bra fits snugly around your diaphragm, that the straps have enough support, the eyes at the back enough expansion. There are wonderful options such as bikini or French knickers which sit below your belly and maternity sleepwear which caters for ease of night feeds, body temperature fluctuations and the added bonus of looking, well, a little glamorous and seductive should you feel the urge! At the very least you will feel absolutely presentable should you get thought in your PJs during the day!

Sexy, designer maternity lingerie is not an extravagance, it is a necessity.

Source by Lisa Ebbing

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