Make Travelling Easy For You And Your Baby With Prams

Planning for a baby is quite exciting but when it comes to planning a new born’s baby gear it can be confusing for new parents. As the first baby in the family brings a lot of joy and happiness with it, the entire family and the parents get together to give the best to the baby. In our busy life we have mastered the art of juggling between personal and professional life and often take our baby with us while we go to shop at the supermarket or for a walk to the park. It is best to keep your baby in a pram while you take him out.

History of pram

A pram is a baby transport designed like a four wheeled carriage and pushed by a person on foot. Short form of the British word perambulator, a pram is also known as baby carriage. A pram comes with a soft flat bottom which makes resting and lying down comfortable for your sleeping baby. A canopy that provides a half covering to the carriage keeps your baby safe from heat and dust during his outings. Designed with wheels, a pram makes transportation convenient. Developed in the 1800s, prams were known to people and associated with the aristocracy and high born during the Victorian era. The first pram was made of wicker in which the baby sat on it. However, with passing days, in the mid 1800s prams were redesigned to be pushed and pulled by the parents while the baby lay asleep. The common design of prams have varied through ages and redefined to suit the needs and comfort of parents and baby.

Types of Prams

There are different types of prams that are available online. While buying a pram for your baby it is important to know about the various features of each type. Designed along the traditional style, the 3 in 1 prams can be used as carrycot, pushchair and car seat. The newer versions of the 3 in 1 prams are equipped with pushchair seat unit that are removable. Hence, the pram can be converted into a travel system with a car seat. The 2 in 1 prams are ideal for newborn babies as they feature a compact design. The pram body usually flat to ensure comfort to newborns but with the growth of the baby, the pram can be converted into a stroller so that baby can be seated on it. Most of the 2 in 1 prams can be easily converted into a travel system by adding the car seat onto the chassis.

Keep calm and shop online

With the availability of an array of brands like MeeMee, Chicco, Graco, Hauck, Sunbaby, Mothertouch, New Natraj and many more, shopping for prams online is a bliss. As you do not have to worry about getting tanned in the heat and visiting one shop to the other, online shopping is fun and efficient with its quick delivery. The different payment modes like cash on delivery, debit or credit card and netbanking offers a safe and secure payment. You can avail the 30 day replacement policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

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