Lose Weight Fast With the Breastfeeding Diet

There are many women out their breastfeeding who are deeply concerned about their weight gains. Their shapes and weights are usually altered from their normalcy and it becomes hard sometimes for some women to regain their normal weighs and shapes after child birth. The weight a mother gains during pregnancy does not come about overnight and it therefore takes time for such weight to go away even when engaged in a breastfeeding diet program to loose weight.

The main purpose for the body of a mother to gain weight is to store enough reserves for milk production to feed the baby. Studies carried out about breastfeeding diets and weight gain in a mother show a lot of them tend to loose weight when their children are three to six months old as compared to mothers who use formula feeding methods to lose weight. Another similar study showed mothers who engaged in losing weight while breastfeeding showed reduced hip sizes and had less weight than their counterparts who used formula foods to feed their babies.

A mother should wait for at least two months postpartum before engaging in losing weight while breastfeeding program. The body is still revering from child birth and building good milk supply. Some mothers would start to lose weight early enough by doing a normal diet and bringing self to hunger. A thing of concern for a mother breastfeeding is when she is experiencing weight loss or gaining weight after just two months. This require immediate seeking of a doctors advise who could recommend she checks her activity level or decrease the intake of calories to hundred in a day. You can decide to take some brisk walk with your child to burn that calorie and furthermore you get some fresh air. The standard pattern is one pound of weight loss per week and about 1600 calories per day. This is good for a mother’s health.

Source by E. Brooks

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