Infant Pacifier with Detachable Plush Toy, Baby Pacifier Prevent Deformation and Discoloration, No BPA Hospital Grade Silica Gel

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Why choose our 🐘baby pacifier?

Everything we do, we hope to achieve a goal, mothers can raise their children in a more comfortable way. The time spent with your new kids is a gift, and we want you to experience and cherish every moment. We really believe that introducing a pacifier is the key to keeping your family calm, because your baby learns to soothe and let you enjoy watching every moment of their growth. COCOBELA brings you quality products that doctors recognize, completely natural, and feel most similar to the breasts of real-life mothers.

Just for a warm mother.


🍼1.Free From Extraneous Odour

The pacifier is made of hospital grade silicone and has no detectable taste or odor, making it easier for babies to accept. The nipple is sturdy and smooth to prevent sticking, discoloration or deformation.

🍼2. Easy to Disassemble and Clean.

The replaceable silicone nipple is equipped with a detachable toy that can be easily cleaned separately with a nipple or doll to help remove dirt and bacteria from cracks and cracks.

🍼3. Design and Comprehensive

It has a unique shape that fits comfortably into the newborn’s mouth without hindering normal development. It is the best gift for your baby.

Warm prompt:

1.The pacifier must be cleaned before use.

2.Disinfect the pacifier with warm water.

3. If you have any questions, please contact us for a solution.

💙PROMOTE SUCKING: COCOBELA pacifiers are designed to help promote natural tongue position, help infants from 0-18 months to comfort themselves, while supporting healthy sucking techniques.
💙 SAFE MATERIAL and CLEAN: 100% BPA-free, pacifier made of hospital grade silicone material, it is more reliable to use. The pacifier is removable. Let the silicone nipple stay in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes. You should be able to run it through the dishwasher like any other pacifier, after removing it from the animal.
💙 PREVENT LOSS and SUFFOCATION:Medical grade silicone joints without BPA are permanently attached to the doll’s mouth to prevent nipple loss and suffocation.
💙 REDUCE FATIGUE:Soft material and flexible design are important to relieve oral fatigue of growing babies.
💙 TOY FUN:The doll is designed according to the size of the baby’s hand, easy to master and play. Dolls can inspire their curiosity and find the pleasure of exploring the world.

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