How to Have a Male Baby – 3 Natural and Sure Shot Tips on Conceiving a Male Baby

Is it true that high acidic level in your body will prevent you from ever having a male baby? Do Sex positions really have any role to play in determining the gender of your baby?

After you carefully read each word of this article, you will be able to find answers to following questions and apart from that you are also going to learn some natural tips on how to have a male baby.

Mr and Mrs Clarke were sad as they gave birth to their third daughter. They wanted a boy, as they initially planned for one boy and a girl in their family. Now even after having a big family, to provide balance they want a baby boy, Should they make another attempt?

It will not be hard to imagine, how different your life will be if you get the authority to decide the sex of your baby? Imagine, what if you get the baby boy or girl you always wanted in your first attempt? You must know that more than 94% accuracy can be achieved, if some specific tips on gender selection are seriously followed. Some of the tips on how to have a male baby are discussed below.

Diet can play a vital role in influencing the gender of your baby. A high acidic level in your body will pose problems for weak boy sperms. They will not be able to survive in such hostile environment. As a result, the strong girl sperms will fertilize the egg and a female baby will be conceived. Therefore to reduce the acidic level of your body you must take an alkaline diet.

Sex positions which result in deep penetration are good for conceiving a male baby. In deep penetration the weak boy sperms have to travel a shorter distance towards the egg and as they move at a high speed, their chances of fertilizing the egg will be high. They are at lesser fear of dying off in short distance.

If couple gets in to an intercourse on or one day after the day of ovulation, they will have higher chances of getting a male baby. As discussed above, the boy sperms can not live for long, therefore if sex is done earlier then the boy sperms might not survive till the time the egg is ready to be fertilized.

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