Hospitalists Job Hunting Tips

In the past few years the hospitalist has become one of the most in demand positions in the hospital. It is a sort after opportunity and it does pay well. However, like every opportunity that is in high demand, finding the right one that will meet your needs could be challenging. The best time to start looking for a job is when you do not need one. In other words you still have a job, getting your monthly salary and there is no pressure to grab the first job that comes your way.

To have a stress free job hunting session requires effort, time and some knowledge about what your priorities as you map out your strategy. Below are some tips that will serve as a guide during job hunting.

Type of Job

Knowing the type of position you are looking for will make it a lot easier for you when you are searching. For example if you are interested in a hospitalist position then it makes your search more specific and laser focused. As a family medicine physician you can tell physician recruiter that you are looking for a hospitalist opportunity and that is what they will be on the lookout for

Location Expansion

Time and time again, doctors make the assumption that they will always find the perfect job at the place they are interested in. Unfortunately this does not work out most of the time. The best approach is to come up with the location you want and then have a second choice, third choice and maybe a fourth choice too. Give all these options to your recruiter, so that they know right from the bat and provide you opportunities in those areas. Many a time, doctors are adamant about a particular location and therefore will not be presented with good jobs in other locations. By the time their first choice falls through, they are then willing to expand their search area and sometimes, excellent opportunities that where available earlier have now been filled.

Have Your Documents Ready

Before you start searching for a job, make sure you have all the necessary documents up to date. Your resume especially must be up to date. You should already have the license for the state you are interested in, in place or you have started the process. This way you hit the ground running and no time is wasted in trying to get these documents in place.

Where To Look

The internet has made a lot of things easier, and looking for a job has become so easy through the web. There are various means you can use to secure yourself a good position. The first step basically is word of mouth from other physicians you already know. There are websites that list jobs recommended by other physicians. This is one of the best ways to secure a position, getting a referral from a second party that can vouch for you to the employer and also allay your own fears. This way, both the job seeking physician and the hospital looking to hire are linked by a source they trust.

Using a recruiter is also another way to go about it. Inform the physician recruiter of the locations you are interested in and they will get to work. You will hear from them when they find a match and they will take care of setting up an interview between you and the hospital and also give you advice on what you might need.

Professional magazines and medical associations are also a good place to look for jobs. Do not overlook your local newspaper and also national newspapers, they still carry ads for opportunities and you can easily get a good position.

Source by Jessica Potisto

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