Genius Mindset – The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius Reviewed

Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius promises to turn YOU into a genius fast! Authored by Dr Michael Masterman, it is produced by the WCCL network, a company that is rapidly becoming the biggest producer of high-quality personal development products online. As I have bought from them before, I felt confident that the product would be good.

The core of the Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius kit is the guide which is broken down into 13 sections plus the bonuses. Each section builds on the last until you have a complete mental toolkit for thinking in a superior genius way. But do not worry if that sounds like a lot of work, this guide is stuffed with ways to make you appear like a genius so you can impress the socks off your friends and colleagues with your memory skills, photo reading abilities, or the fact that you are now an idea-generating brainiac!

Being a toolkit, each mental tool in Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius is presented with just the facts and no stuffing. This is an efficient guide to thinking smart. If you want all the details on speedreading or photo reading, you will probably want to look at the big courses that specialise in those skills (but that could cost you several hundred dollars). The Genius Mindset kit just presents what you need to know in order to do it.

They call these ‘brain hacks’ — secret ways to hack into your mindpower with minimum fuss to achieve maximum success. There are tons of high ticket courses and seminars out there that will teach you one particular skill such as mental maths wizardry, mind mapping, body language, persuasion and influence, or developing a super memory. Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius compiles them all into one convenient toolkit making all that rare knowledge easily and affordably available to you. You can just dip in when you want to brainstorm or impress your boss with your encyclopedic knowledge.

Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius is sold as a CD-Rom package not a download. This enables them to pack the CD-Rom with bonus features that include free mind mapping software, numerous ‘cheat’ sheets you can use as quick mental stimulators, and it doubles as an audio meditation CD that will have you swapping heads with geniuses and thinking like Einstein, Da Vinci, Bill Gates or whoever YOUR chosen genius role models are.

My only three gripes with the Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius are these:

1. That it is delivered on a CD-Rom so I had to wait a two or three days for delivery.

2. It is password protected and whenever I open it I have to go copy and paste the password. I should print it (there you go the ‘genius’ thing is kicking in already! lol)

3. It does not have a bookmark menu in the pdf guide. Printing it would solve that grumble too.

Other than that it is really well written and researched. The presentation of the kit is excellent and customer service is top notch.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your thinking, keep mentally sharp, generate brilliant ideas and impress others by always being one step ahead of every body else, check it out. In short, if you want to be seen to be a total genius, then Genius Mindset: The CHEAT’S GUIDE to Instant Genius is for you. If you are more experienced and already familiar with these skillsets, then maybe you don’t need this guide. I personally found it a refreshingly concise way to become very familiar with these skills and make best use of them.

Source by Wily Walnut

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