Four Ways to Use a Digital Frame in a Doctor’s Office

Digital picture frames can be used quite effectively in doctor’s offices, as an informational aide, but also to help business. Here are four ways to do that:

Educate on New Treatments

Medicine is a rapidly growing and evolving field, and as such there are always new things being discovered to help us live healthier lives. Why not have brief info-nuggets on the latest of these treatments and techniques right in the waiting room? A digital picture frame can be just the solution for doing this. You can easily create a slide with the information you want on it, then upload it to the digital frame. This way, while patients are waiting they can get up to date on some of the latest health topics that are relevant to them.

Provide Basic Health Advice

Some health advice is universal: drink 8 cups of water a day, make sure you’re staying active by taking walks, eat a healthy diet, etc. A doctor’s office is the perfect place to dispense this basic, universally relevant information. People waiting in a doctor’s office waiting room would read this information as it was flashed across a digital picture frame.

Display the Schedule

In any office that has more than one doctor, there are often days when particular doctors routinely work, and day that they normally get off. In your slideshow that you create for the digital picture frame, why not put a slide in there showing the days that each doctor is available? Patients will appreciate this because they can see at a glance which days are possible with their own schedules.

Show Baby Pictures!

Every general practice doctor’s office will have patients who are young mothers, and most are as proud as can be of their newborns. Why not allow your patients to submit their favorite pictures of their little ones, and intersperse some of those pictures into the slideshow? This would help build a sense of community, and mothers and relatives would be tickled pink to see their son or daughter on the digital photo frame when they walk in for their regular checkup.

Source by Jeffrey Oliver

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