Educational Benefits of the Leapfrog Tag Reading System

Leapfrog Tag Reading System is an interactive reading system designed for children who are learning to read as well as readers who need to strengthen their reading skills. Your child can use the Tag Reader to bring his stories to life. As your little learner guides the Tag Reader along the words on the pages of the specially designed story books, they will be read aloud offering your child the chance to see, hear and read the words all at the same time. This enforces learning and builds your little learners phonetic skills. There are many wonderful possibilities with this system!

The Leapfrog Tag Reading System can also build listening and reading comprehension skills as well as teach your child the basics such as the alphabet. It comes with your little learners' first specially printed book to get them started. The text for the story is preloaded into the Tag Reader. All you need to do is add two AAA batteries to the Tag Reader.

When your child gets started with the system he can choose to have the book read to him all the way through or he can read on his own and chooses to only have the words he does not know read to him.

Your child will just need to guide the Tag Reader across the word to hear it read aloud to him as needed. He can also touch the Tag Reader to some of the pictures in the book to hear sound effects which will add dramatic effect to the stories which will build his imagination and help develop a defect love for reading. Your little learner can develop and improve many skills by using the Leapfrog Tag Reading System. If your child is already in school it will prove a valuable tool in reinforcing the learning he is getting there.

The Leapfrog Tag Reading System can give your little learner a chance to build his confidence by allowing him to read on his own. He will be able to read through the book and explore the pictures without any help. Your little learner will be able to guess the words he does not know or use the Tag Reader to get help. This will help him with learning and memorizing words, building his reading skill even more. This system provides an overall fantastic educational experience.

Your child can increase his word recognition skills beyond what is being taught at school. The Leapfrog Tag Reading System will be easy for your little learner to use and will make its learning experience fun while building a stronger level of self confidence. This system could be a great way to entice your child to want to learn or want to learn more. You may even be surprised how many hours your child wants to spend using the system once he realizes how enjoyable reading can be.

Source by Maxine James

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