Does Bill and Jim Germanakos RAM Program Work?

If you ever had a chance to watch the Biggest Loser show on TV, you may recall the 2 winners of the 4th season, Jim and Bill Germanakos. These twins began the show grossly overweight and lost a combined 350 pounds during the show until they were crowned winners at the final.

They have truly transformed their bodies and their life and their story is a source of inspiration and motivation for millions. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for such stories, having been overweight myself in the past.

Now, these weight loss twins have decided to create a diet program which is based on their experiences and success.

Their program is called RAM which stands for Rapid Action Metabolism. The program includes an eating plan which involved carb cycling and specific fitness workouts. All this is done to help you boost your metabolism so that you burn more fat even while you rest or sleep.

The RAM program has both ebooks and video modules in which you can actually see Jim and Bill Germanakos workout in their home. In addition to the training material and nutrition guidelines, you also get 60 days of active support by the weight loss twins to make sure you stay on course.

There is a big advantage to following a diet program which was made by people who've lost weight. They know how hard it is. They're aware of the difficulties better than any trainer who has never been fat. They know what it really takes to get lean.

This program has excellent components and I like the support that they give. Despite the fact that the Germanakos twins are not professional trainers, I believe you can learn a lot from them on how to lose weight fast and how to keep it off.

Source by John Davenport

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