Daypacks Buyer Guide – The Best 8 Backpacks in History

A daypack is indeed one of the most useful bags available in the luggage store. Daypacks are good for regular use. They not only store the users’ accessories, but also keep those belongings protected from any kind of damage. Though a number of brand manufacturers, it is better to purchase these products from the best known companies. Here are 8 products that were best sellers in the history. People who are not ready to compromise on the quality, may want to choose from any of the below-mentioned products:

  1. Pacsafe Adventure TrekSafe 100 Anti-theft Travel

    One of the best-designed product! The dimension of this daypack is approximately 35.5 linear inches, whereas, its capacity is 1180 cubic inches. On the other hand, the weight of this bag is 2 lbs.

  2. JanSport All Terra Deluxe Euro Sak Backpack

    Around 54 linear inches in dimensions, 4515 cubic inches in capacity and 6.3 lbs in weight. Denier Junior Ballistic Nylon is the main material that is being used to make this bag.

  3. JanSport Daypacks Air Vital Strap

    The best choice for the fashionable people. These bags are really trendy and are made of Jansport’s 6.0 denier polyester. Its capacity and dimensions are respectively 1390 cubic inches and 34.5 linear inches.

  4. Piel Leather Goods Vertical Leather

    34inear inches in dimensions and 930 cubic inches in capacity. Its weight is approximately 4 lbs.

  5. High Sierra Daypacks Fat Boy

    Around 39.5 linear inches in dimensions, whereas, 1686 cubic inches in capacity. The weight of this bag is around 1.13 lbs.

  6. Rick Steves Travel Gear Convertible Carry On

    The best-suited for regular use. It is 44 linear inches, 2514 cubic inches and 3.5 lbs in dimensions, capacity and weight.

  7. Kipling Basic Line Collection Strength

    Around 37 linear inches in dimensions, 1693 cubic inches in capacity and 1.2 lbs in weight.

  8. JanSport Daypacks Big Student

    Approximately 40.75 linear inches in dimensions, 2216 cubic inches in capacity and 2 lbs in weight.

Styles never go out of date! Being made of quality materials, these bags offer long durability to their users.

Source by Joshua M. Smith

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