Cool Parenting! Top Baby Monitoring Android Apps for Your Toddler

Today, technology is progressing in such a way that smartphones are becoming substitutes for almost anything you can think of! Satisfying your shopping spree, getting banking job done, ordering foods, managing to do list, dating, learning new languages ​​and so on – almost everything you can do using various mobile applications. Looking after or monitoring your baby is no exception to that.

Do you have spare devices? Well, if the answer is yes, you can easily turn those devices into baby monitoring devices. How are such devices helpful? You can watch over your baby when you are not around, you would know when your baby is crying or what the baby is doing. Some apps are exceptionally good in this task. Here is a list of some effective baby monitoring Android applications.

# 1 AtHome Camera
This application works as an effective system for home surveillance. This app comes with the feature of a motion sensor. It would not only help to turn a smartphone into an impressive camera but would also make the stream viewable from other computers or smartphones. You can get this application for free. To run this app, you do not need to pay any amount. However, if you want an ad-free app experience, you need to make a payment of a little amount that is almost ignorable.

# 2 Dormi
This is a pretty much popular name in the list of best baby monitoring applications that are trending in the market today. Adjustable sensitivity is one of the incredible features of this application. When your baby starts making noise, you automatically get notifications. Apart from this, Dormi features other stats like battery information, customization settings etc. If you are looking for an instant and cheap baby monitoring app, Dormi is a good choice. This application works smoothly on most of the available devices.

# 3 Baby Monitor
Even though setting up this app takes a bit time, Baby Monitor is one of the classic choices available in the market. Simply put one device in your baby's room and get a constant sound stream to your device from the device placed in the baby's room. This would help you to understand when your baby is crying. Moreover, this application supports the Skype integration. More interestingly, this app features notifications, test mode along with the functionality to place a call to your device in the case of an emergency. This impressive and useful app is available for free. You do not have to worry about ads or in-app purchases.

# 4 WiFi Baby Monitor
Another important entry to this list of baby monitoring app is 'WiFi Baby Monitor' that is not only easy-to-understand and easy-to-setup but works smoothly as well. Simply, place one device in the baby's room and keep one to yourself. Then connect these two devices to the same WiFi. That's it! Whenever something unusual happens, you would get notifications. If you opt for the free version of this app, you get only voice-monitoring feature along with most of the other important features. On the contrary, the paid version offers to talkback features, video, encryption along with ad-free app experience.

These were some popular choices of baby monitoring apps. Home Security Camera is another option available in the market.

Today, worldwide app developers are paying the utmost attention to make different unique app ideas into reality with the help of mobile technological enhancements. If you also have any creative idea, do not hesitate to share it with a trusted and capable mobile app development firm. The experts can help you to build your own app.

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