Cloth Diaper Wipes With Your Cloth Diapers

If you use cloth diapers, I suggest you use cloth baby wipes. There are three reasons I suggest this: (1)Environmental: Using (and re-using) any product is better for the environment; (2) Health: Natural fiber wipes are gentler on your baby’s skin; (3) Savings: Buying cloth diaper wipes as opposed to conventional disposable wipes will save you money. I’ll explain each of these reasons a bit more.


If you choose cloth diapers, then you probably have some understanding as to why cloth diaper wipes would be better for the environment. Think of how many wipes get used over a 2 1/2 year period (the average amount of time a baby is in diapers). If you assume two wipes per diaper change, 6-10 changes a day, that’s around 15,000 disposable baby wipes. All of those end up in a landfill. Sure, some would argue that you are using more energy (water for washing, electric/gas for drying), but in the long run, disposable wipes use more natural resources and puts more waste in landfills. Add to that all of the excessive packaging associated with disposables, and you begin to see the positives of cloth wipes.


Your baby’s skin is sensitive. Cloth baby wipes are simply gentler on your baby’s skin than disposables. Conventional disposable wipes can be plain harsh on your baby’s skin. There are often all sorts of harsh chemicals in those wipes: benzoic acid, butylene glycol and parabens to name a few. These chemical are harsh for an adult, let alone an infant or toddler. You want to expose your baby to natural things early on, rather than cancer causing chemical applied directly to their skin over and over. Enough said.


If you refer our math in the above section, we see that approximately 15,000 disposable wipes are used over a 2 1/2 year period for the average child? An average price for 200 disposable wipes is $11.99. That comes out to $900 over the 2 1/2 years the average child is in diapers. Compare that to cloth wipes. You can get a 6 pack of cotton diaper wipes for about $11 So, to get 50 (That’s a decent amount of wipes), that’s a little over $90. If you take care of them that should last you the entire 2 1/2 years. You may be able to use them for your next child. Sure, you’ll be using more water and detergent for laundry. But those expenses are minimal in comparison.

Source by Jeremy Dyen

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