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Choose the sex of the baby naturally

If allowed to choose, many parents would like to be able to predict the sex of their baby. There are several reasons why a couple would prefer a certain gender like cultural affiliations and genetically-linked diseases. Listed below are some things to consider in selecting the gender of the child naturally.

Timing of intercourse: An intercourse nearby to the time of release of egg favors a boy. This is because the y-sperm (for boys) is faster but lives shorter than the x-sperm (for girls). However, the time of ovulation is not very well established among women. Thus, this will not guarantee having a boy or girl baby.

Vaginal tract pH: An acidic vaginal tract favors girls because it weakens the y-sperms while an alkaline pH favors boys. Testing the pH before intercourse using paper testing strips may be done and homemade douches (water and vinegar for acidity or water and baking soda for alkalinity) can be made to adjust the pH so as to choose baby gender.

Woman’s orgasm: Orgasm produces a substance that will make the vagina alkaline, favoring boys. Well for a girl, there must be no orgasms.

Body temperature: Cooler temperature helps in the survival of the y-sperm. Wearing boxers may help in favor of a boy baby. Having a hot bath ahead of the intercourse will raise the body temperature of the man, favoring a girl baby.

Shettle’s method: The technique states that the odd of having a boy or girl baby is timing the intercourse during ovulation. In choosing a girl, intercourse should be done 2 to 3 days before ovulation while conceiving a baby boy. Although the effectiveness of this kind of method has not been medically proven, many couples attest to the effectiveness of the Shettle’s method. Theoretically, it may have some bearing when using the Shettle’s method because of the vagina’s alkalinity but it is still not scientifically proven.

Ericcson albumin method: In this method, the sperm is filtered in the albumin and a technique called intrauterine insemination is processed with the sample sperm.

Above are some of the scientific ways on how to choose your baby’s gender. However, there are also mythological methods that some couples tend to apply. According to some testimonials, it is an effective method for them.

Here are some mythological methods. Read on.

Food intake: Some claim that this method in choosing the baby’s gender is done by the kind of food they consume. This method suggests eating salty foods to build up the odds of having a baby boy. While eating sweet foods may conceive for the mother a baby girl.

Chinese calendar method: This is based on Chinese astrological methods in conceiving a baby. It is also based on the mother’s age and conception.

The effectiveness of these mythological approaches is not well established since natural methods are more prone to errors than medical methods when used to choose baby gender.

Source by Betty Gomez

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