Caring For Your New Baby – How To Develop A Schedule

Arriving home with a new baby you may find yourself wondering when you can get a proper night’s sleep. For now, it is best to catch some sleep whenever you find time and to rest as much as possible. Your baby will need not sleep through the night for some weeks, or maybe months, yet. The same will go for you as you keep to your baby’s routine.

You will have try to adjust to sleeping as your baby does. As a new mother you will be trying to juggle housework whilst your baby is asleep. Trying to be a supermum will only make you more tired.

Try to get much help as you can with cleaning and laundry in the first few weeks, because you will need it. Having a friend or relative who can look after your baby whilst you catch on some much needed help, will be most welcome so take advantage whenever it is offered.

You will find yourself doing 101 things every day with all the new baby chores on top of all the usual household duties, and taking care of any other children that you may have. All this rushing around will make it difficult for you to wind down and sleep like everyone else around you.

Try to find something to help you relax and get into a routine that will help you wind down. It helps to have a warm, relaxing bath (not hot water which is stimulating) and some relaxing music in the background. Try to avoid caffeine through the day and particularly last thing at night as this keeps you awake. Stick to decaffeinated or herbal tea and water. Foods which contain lots of preservatives and sodium can make you more jumpy, so avoid these foods. The more natural foods such as fruits, green vegetables, salads and healthy soups are much better for you, plus ensuring you are getting all the best nutrients for you and your baby.

Once you are able to, go outside and get some fresh air with a little walk. By ensuring that you are and your baby get fresh air and you get some exercise, you will both be able to relax more and sleep better at night.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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