Can High Levels of Estrogen Help You to Conceive a Boy Or Girl Baby?

I was recently asked if having high levels of estrogen make you more likely to conceive a boy or a girl. This is a pretty loaded question. Obviously, being on any type of hormone replacement therapy is counter to attempting to become pregnant. And different women have different levels that are going to be “normal” or typical for them. However, when the estrogen in your body is naturally rising, this does provide some indications that you are in a certain point in your reproductive cycle. And having intercourse and attempting to conceive at different points in your reproductive cycle makes you slightly more or less likely to conceive one gender over another. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Estrogen Levels And How They Change As You Approach Ovulation: During and after ovulation is the time period where most women are at their most fertile. And estrogen levels do come into play here. Obviously, when you’re trying to get pregnant, knowing when ovulation is approaching is quite important so you will know when to have intercourse. People will often attempt to gauge this by taking their basal body temperature (or bbt.) And, if you’re using this method, you probably already know that you’re looking for a spike or a quick rise in your temperature.

Often, right before this happens, your estrogen levels are rising and are generally high and your temperature is lower and steady. As ovulation approaches and eventually happens, progesterone levels, and temperatures, begin to rise.

Estrogen Levels and Cervical Mucus: The consistency and texture of cervical mucus is another way that people attempt to gauge their fertility and conception times. As the estrogen levels begin to rise in anticipation in ovulation, you will often see the cervical mucus become more abundant. It will also become less cloudy, more clear and slippery, and may take on more of an egg white appearance.

This is what most people are looking for to tell them that ovulation is approaching. While the cervical mucus and taking your bbt are preferable to guessing, I feel that using a saliva or urine ovulation predictor is a much more reliable way to pinpoint your ovulation. It leaves much less to chance and requires much less guessing.

Ovulation Times And How They Affect Whether You Conceive A Boy Or A Girl: Knowing when you ovulate is only the beginning if you’re trying to conceive one specific gender. Because having intercourse before ovulation actually happens makes you more likely to get a girl baby. In this case, seeing the surge of the basal body temperature might be a bit too late if you want a daughter. Likewise, when you see the thinner and more slippery cervical mucus, this could mean that ovulation has already happened. Again, this is too late if you want a girl.

Ovulation predictors (especially saliva) give you a wider window to work with. You may also want to look at your acidity and PH as these things can also affect your baby’s gender. In my opinion, these criteria are much more important in determining whether you conceive a girl or boy baby than estrogen levels. These levels can certainly tell you where you are in your cycle, but it’s the action that you take at this time that really matters rather than the levels themselves.

Source by Sandy Dean

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