Buying Baby Bedding – Information & Advice

The crib itself is the main item of baby bedding to consider, and you should take the time to find a good quality one. It needs to be the right size for your baby and the bars need to be a sensible distance apart – meaning that they should be enough enough so that your baby's arms or legs can not become trapped. The sturdiness of the crib is also very important. It should not move or rock at all, however much your baby moves around in it. Inside the crib you need bumpers and blankets. Bumpers are necessary to prevent your baby banging them against the sides of the crib, so you will need four of them. They should be able to be firmly attached to the sides of the crib as otherwise they can fall inwards should your baby pull on them. In terms of thickness, they do not need to be more than half an inch.

Cotton blankets are preferred to polyester or acrylic ones. As for how many to use, it depends on the time of year and the temperature of your house. Different babies will respond differently to different temperatures but, as a general guide, if the in-room temperature is about 75 degrees then one blanket will be required, with an extra being needed for each 5 degree drop in temperature. It is advisable to only buy machine washable baby bedding because all items will need to be washed at least every other day. For that reason, you will also need to make sure that you buy at least two sets of bedding, so you will always have some available whilst one set is being washed or is drying. When washing items, avoid using cheap brands of washing powder as the chemicals used in it can irritate the skin of some babies.

Source by Mark Thomas Walters

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