Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine – A Comparison Review

The history of the sewing machine goes back to around 1755 when the first patent was issued. However, the first successful machine was not operable until 1830. Back then, these machines were used in garment factories rather than in homes. Domestic sewing machines were manufactured starting in 1889. By 1905, it was in wide use in homes across various counties of the world. Today, it is clear that this technology has come a long way since their original predecessors. One fine machine available today is called the Brother CS6000I sewing machine. When compared to others on the market today, this one clearly beats them out.

The Brother CS6000I is a computerized unit that has many useful features. One of the most prized features is the LCD screen for easy selection of stitching types, of which there are 60 pre-loaded options to choose from. In addition, there are seven buttonhole sewing methods, a drop-in bobbin that is quickset, a mechanical needle-threading option, and the ability to switch the unit from a custom flat bed to free arm. The Elna 8000 sewing machine is comparable to the Brother brand. It also is computerized, but does not come with as many features at the Brother CS6000I sewing machine. In fact, customers have complained about the thread guide because it fails to hold the thread in place. The Elna 8000 also lacks a self-winding bobbin.

Users of the Brother CS6000I sewing machine say it is so easy to use, they feel comfortable using any kind of fabric and stitching style the first time they use the machine. Its one-touch function allows you to operate the unit either with or without the foot pedal. Users of the Euro-Pro Shark 80-7133 wish they had such an easy-to-use unit. For simple stitching, this unit is functional, but users have complained about the difficulty of switching to different stitches while simultaneously trying to keep the stitch from bunching up. Perhaps an LCD screen would help the ease of use.

The final positive attribute about the Brother CS6000I sewing machine is that it comes will all these features without a high price tag. For around $ 170, you can begin sewing like a pro from day one. The Elna 8000 costs about $ 230, depending on where you look. The Euro-Pro Shark 80-7133 can be bought for about the same price as the Brother CS6000I, but without the LCD screen and excellent features.

Source by Joelle Prater

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