Be Consistent With Your ADHD Child

Children diagnosed with ADHD and their parents are faced with many obstacles when it comes to instilling good behaviors. Really, all parents who have children face these obstacles but consistent discipline is the key to success for children with ADHD. Maintaining a set schedule and discipline strategy can one of the most difficult parent of parent a child with this diagnosis.

It is common for parents to feel upset and angry with their child with ADHD will not act appropriately. What is the best thing to do for parents during these difficult moments is to set limits, establish rules, and consequences their child can predict. These rules need to be clear and age-appropriate.

Around the age of 6 or so, most children are able to figure out how their actions have contributed to the consequences that are given. As long as the discipline remains calm, cool, collected, and consistent even the most challenging child with ADHD will comply.

It is common for children with ADHD to attempt bargain, negotiate, or attempt to make deals in order to avoid the set rules of the home. If you, as the child’s’ parent give into the pleading, begging, or bargaining tactics this will only cause future problems with what your child will ADHD will do in the future.

Without consistency the only message that a child is getting is that mom or dad will not really follow through on what they say they will do. Ultimately, the best strategy is to make sure you are reasonable with your rules and then enforce them.

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Source by Jason K Johnson

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