Baby Not Sleeping? – Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night Tips & Suggestions

The first thing you need to address if your baby isn’t sleeping through the night, is why? Is there an obvious reason you may have overlooked? So let’s have a look at some of the more common reasons so we can eliminate the obvious if at all possible.

Reason #1 – Does Baby Need Feeding?

Considering that newborns need to eat approximately every 2 hours, whether it is milk from the breast or a formula milk, it’s no wonder that babies need to wake up so often in the night. So making sure your baby is well fed before sleeping is essential to ensure they get the most amount of sleep they possibly can before their tummies are feeling empty again.

Reason #2 – Does Baby Need Changing?

Newborn babies will hate being wet and uncomfortable as much as anybody, even they are not old enough to comprehend what they are actually feeling. They will just know that they are not happy for some reason. So if you can eliminate this as a reason why baby isn’t sleeping, then you can move on to the next possible reason.

Reason #3 – Is Baby Too Hot or Too Cold?

Newborns are not really capable of regulating their temperature and rely on you to do that for them until their bodies learn to do it for themselves. It is worth checking if their room is overly hot or too cold, and if they have too many layers or not enough. A room thermometer would be a great tool for you. Once you have eliminated the three physical reasons above, then you will need to consider just how you can move forward…

How to get Baby to Sleep!

The old saying, “Prevention is Better than a Cure” is very true. So the sooner you can establish a bedtime routine for Baby the better to try to ensure that when Baby is put to bed, they will sleep and so will you!

Routine #1 – Bathtime

A soothing bath before bed time will relax Baby. Remember to get the water temperature just right, not too hot and not too cold. Dipping your elbow in the water is a test which has stood the test of time! Try to make it a happy but calm time, and don’t get baby over-excited with too many toys. The idea is to set the scene for a quiet, winding down time for both you and Baby.

Routine #2 – Storytime

No matter how old your Baby is, a bedtime story can be soothing even though they may not understand the actual words they are hearing. The tone of your voice will play a big part, so ensure your voice is kept low and soothing, not high and excited. Remember, we are trying to evoke a mood of calm! Snuggling with your Baby while you are reading will be even more beneficial, and you cannot start too early in exposing Baby to a large vocabulary.

Routine #3 – Lullaby

Even if you think you cannot sing, Baby will always love to hear your voice! A lullaby is a time-honored way to help Baby drift off to sleep. If you really don’t want to sing to Baby, try playing a ready made CD of lullabies or classical music and just hum along. Baby will find this soothing and comforting.

So hopefully if you can establish a great bedtime routine from the start, you won’t have any trouble getting Baby to sleep at night. If Baby sleeps well, then Mum and Dad will sleep well too so it’s worth making the effort so establish a routine as early as possible.

Source by Chrissy Withers

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