Baby Hammock Reviews – Miyo Baby Hammocks

A baby hammock is especially good for colicky babies because the three-dimensional motion tends to help settle their little underdeveloped stomachs. The 0 to 3 month period can be the most distressing for the baby.

The accepted wisdom goes that during this period baby does not have enough digestive enzyme in their gut to effectively digest their food and as a result they can experience very painful acid reflux or colic.

It is not only distressing for the baby but it is also most unpleasant for the parents to have to deal with it. Many parents have found that by using a baby hammock the colic symptoms can be greatly reduced allowing baby to, in many cases, sleep right through the night.

This is an absolute godsend for parents having to deal with colicky babies. It means baby gets enough sleep allowing her to deal with life in general on a day-to-day basis and it also means Mom and Dad get enough sleep the benefits of which are obvious.

There are a few manufacturers of baby hammocks the most popular being the Miyo baby hammock and the Amby baby hammock. Having personally use the Miyo baby hammock I can highly recommend this product to anybody considering purchasing such a thing. It has worked really well for us.

The hammock is very easy to assemble and you can often have the hammock up and running inside 10 minutes. The product also comes with ceiling hooks which, whilst we haven't used them, can be very useful for the bedroom. The Miyo baby hammock has had rave reviews from hundreds of parents and is endorsed by many health practitioners.

If you're at your wits end with your babies painful colic then why not try one of these excellent products? You can pick them up reasonably cheaply on eBay and if you really don't get on with it then you can just sell it again probably for similar amounts of money. Go on, treat yourself!

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