Amazing Ferret Facts – 5 Very Unique & Interesting Facts About Ferrets

What makes ferrets fascinating? What makes them popular among pet owners? What’s so unique about them? Here are some facts that make ferrets stand out among the rest.

Personality Having a bad day? Your ferrets can change that. Their different personalities can make you smile despite the frowns. If you have four ferrets, expect that you’ll have five different personalities. Paint them in different colors and you would still be able to distinguish which is who. They are playful and loving- so playful that they need to be caged when you’re not around or whenever they are unsupervised. When playing, watch out for toys that may cause them harm.

Warm or Cold? Would you put a coat on when it’s warm? I didn’t think so. This is why ferrets love to be in cool places. A warm environment can cause an irritated skin, a dry coat, and dehydrate easily. They’re happier in cooler temperatures! What’s the ideal temp? 70 degrees Fahrenheit would do just fine. Don’t let it go above 78 degrees Fahrenheit because they would not be able to stand the heat anymore. This could cause a heatstroke which can be proved to be fatal if not treated properly.

Circle of Friends Who is a ferret’s favorite playmate? You, of course! Ferrets prefer to play with humans compared to other pets. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot co-exist with other pets. Ferrets can interact with dogs and cats. But during their first few introductions, always be there to supervise. Observe any personality clashes or wars being waged against each other. Most of the time, everything goes well. Some play with one another, some will simply co-exist and ignore each other. Either way, it’s fun watching them interact with other pets. 3 It is not recommended, though, for ferrets to be acquainted with “birds, rodents (hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs) or reptiles.”

Sleeping When they hit the sack, they literally sleep longer than the human’s average sleeping hours. How long, you ask? They sleep an average of 18-20 hours per day and they are not nocturnal beings. What if you want to play with them? No worries here. They can and will “adjust their schedule to you and be eager to play when you are.” 5 When they awaken from their long slumber, it might take a few moments to adjust before they go hyperactive all over again.

When Kits Come Excited to have your own baby ferrets? It is good to know that ferrets “are able to breed when they are only 5-6 month old. In the US, most owners prefer to have their pets neutered.” Gestation lasts for ” weeks and mother ferrets have between 6-12 babies at a time. “

Source by Seth Evans

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