Advantages And Disadvantages Of Day Care Centers

Day care centers come with a number of advantages and disadvantages:


One advantage is that the centers offer a formal and structured environment; therefore, many parents tend to feel comfortable when their children are in these centers. To ensure that they comply with the set rules and regulation, the centers are usually inspected regularly.

Another advantage is that the centers have clear rules that parents must follow. For example, there are clear rules that state the time that the parents should pickup and drop-off their children; therefore, you know what you need to do as a parent.

Research has shown that the day care centers are usually more affordable than nannies; therefore, by taking your child to a day care you tend to save a lot of money. In addition to saving money, you also get to meet other parents who may lend you support and babysitting time.

Unlike nannies who are unreliable, the centers are usually reliable because they accept to watch over your child even if the teacher is sick or tardy. This means that you don’t have to worry of the center failing to accept your child.

Staff members working in good centers are usually trained in early childhood education; therefore, they know what to expect as your child grows. As a result of the education that they have, the teachers are able to nurture the skills and talents in your child.

Unlike at home where your child simply plays all day long, day care centers ensure that your child learns new things. For example, the child participates in block, beans, vinyl letters and other activities that exercise the right and left brain and as a result the child develops intellectually.

The toddlers get an opportunity of socializing with other children which is very important for healthy development.


Although, day care centers have these advantages, they have their fair share of disadvantages. One disadvantage is that you can end up paying a lot of hefty fees for late pickups.

Another disadvantage is that your child is more likely to catch cold and other diseases since he/she is more exposed to germs.

In conclusion, although day care centers have these disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. This is means that you should always consider taking your child to a day care center. To ensure that your child receives the best service you should do your research and identify the best center in your area.

Source by Duncan Lancer

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