Abandoned Babies: Left to Die

In the United Kingdom an abusive father killed his infant daughter because he believed she was possessed by spirits. A newborn baby boy was found abandoned between two garages in Derbyshire. The infant was alive, but in poor condition after spending the night exposed to freezing temperatures.

One week before this child was found, a set of twins was found in a cardboard box outside Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital. The baby boy and baby girl were a month premature and dumped hours after birth. These babies were discovered before succumbing to winter temperatures, though they were blue when found.

A baby boy no more than 2 hours old was found in San Diego behind a garbage can. The child was wrapped tightly in garbage bags and covered in soiled paper towels. Fortunately, his cries were heard and he was rescued.

We do not clearly understand why some mothers abandon their babies, but feelings of denial and economic issues are thought to play a large part in the problem. The senseless deaths that occur when babies are abandoned need never happen. Alternatives are available for mothers who find themselves pregnant and unable to care for a child. If you know someone who is pregnant and may need help, there are ways that you can help.

  • If you know of someone that needs help-offer help. Don’t assume someone else is going to help them. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive-and you may be the only person they can turn to. Don’t’ become a door mat, but if they are willing to try to get the help they need, a ride to get groceries or to the doctor will make a big difference.
  • Remember, stress builds up around the holidays and cases of child abuse and death increase.
  • What can you do? Call the National Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6602 to obtain information about emergency baby or infant care options when a birth mother is just too stressed to care for her child and wants to place now.
  • Provide time out-ask for help from your family or friends. Many women with these feelings are isolated and suffering from depression. If they crack, the child may be the one who is hurt-sometimes fatally.
  • You can donate to organizations like Lifetime Adoption Foundation to help these women. Organizations such as this provide many services-helping to educate women, paying for counseling, finding homes instead of foster care for children, and providing household items for women who need help getting back on their feet.

If you or someone you know needs confidential help, please call the National Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6602 24 hours a day. You can receive a free informational packet about adoption sent confidentially, including a book So I Was Thinking About Adoption… which explains the adoption process.

You can help save every child by offering the support someone in trouble may need.

Source by MM Caldwell

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