Ab Strength Guide Review – Dr Kareem Samhouri’s Belly Fat Loss Plan

Getting flat abs is something nearly everyone desires but it is not the easy thing that it’s made out to be. The Ab Strength Guide is a program of Dr. Kareem Samhouri which promises to help you achieve just that: less belly fat, flatter and stronger abs, a lean body.

Before I talk about what this program offers and whether or not it can work for you, I want to talk a bit about Kareem Samhouri. He’s unlike other fitness experts because he’s not just a trainer. He’s a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Miami and he’s an expert on joint health, metabolic workouts, and fat loss. This is quite a list of credentials. He is surely an expert of the highest caliber and has tons of health and fitness knowledge.

That being said, let’s see what the Ab Strength Guide is and discover whether it is a way to get flat abs.

Ab Strength Guide is made up of 5 main workout sections. Each of the workouts is shown in video tutorials by Dr Samhouri himself as he shows you how to do each and every exercise in the program in perfect form. The purpose is to train your entire body in a balanced way and produce an accelerated fat burning and a faster metabolism, capable of melting more fat during your workouts and after them.

The 5 workouts all require minimal equipment and a little time to perform as they are all highly intensive. You will need to train hard to get the kind of results you want with this program. It is the only way to really get flat abs.

The 5 workouts are called:

  • Fast and functional abs
  • The secret to sculpting abs (full body training in high intensity)
  • Unstable surface training for abs (This works your core especially well)
  • Speed training
  • Bodyweight workouts for faster fat loss

If you’re expecting someone to teach you how to do sit-ups and crunches in a better way, this isn’t the program for you. Dr Samhouri takes a much more general approach than that. If you want to get a complete lean body and you’re willing to work hard for it, than the Ab Strength Guide can prove to be an excellent program for you. You will need to have dedication to make the most of it but the results may be worth all the effort.

Source by John Davenport

Ab Strength Guide Review – Dr Kareem Samhouri’s Belly Fat Loss Plan
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