7 Reason of What Causes a Toddler’s Crying

There can be no doubt that a toddler’s constant crying could be annoying sometimes. There could be several reasons for this and sometimes it should be taken with caution. Toddlers crying in most cases are normal but emotions, surroundings or medication can set it off.

Most parents can’t tell for sure why their toddler cry but some of the reason could be normal and related to their development stage. Persistence crying on short intervals however is best investigated thoroughly and where necessary, seek your physician’s advice.

Here are 6 reason of what causes toddlers crying.


Most of the time toddlers cry for your attention but it’s impossible when you have chores to do. Keeping him close to you on a high chair while on your chores together with constant communication will lessen his cries. If there is a newborn sibling, toddlers could feel insecure and threaten by the lessen attention given to him. Toddlers crying at this stage could escalate and sometimes be intolerable. If so, it’s advisable for you to consider a sitter.


If they can’t fit a square into a circle or simply can’t put on a shoe, toddlers cry to express their frustrations. Parents should help by showing why things can’t be done or how things are done to sooth their toddlers frustration. Toddlers’ inability to express their thoughts and emotions could lead to crying as well. It would help them if you suggest a word or two to ease their communication with you.

Hunger pangs

Toddlers are prone to hunger pangs. Sometimes they could not find the words for it hence the crying. Healthy snacks such as fresh fruits or nutritious cereals bars are best kept in handy to ease hunger pangs in between proper meals. Just be aware of choking hazards and allergies.


Toddlers crying could sometimes be their way of telling you to leave them alone. For example, if your toddler is engrossed playing with his toys wrongly and you try to correct them they will show strong insistence of independence by crying. Some things are best left naturally but not as to compromise their safety.


Toddlers crying persistently on short intervals should be taken with caution. Since they still have speech impediment, parents should take the effort to investigate. Asking if it hurts and where it hurts while examining him physically could avoid further serious damage.


Lack of rest and sleep could cause toddlers to get grumpy. Sleep is vital to their mental and physical growth. Parents should maintain proper and comfortable toddlers bedding and room environment as these could greatly affect their sleep.

Headaches and Migraines

If your toddler cries often and indicates a pain in the head, take it seriously. Check for bumps and bruises. Some toddler medications could induce migraines and headaches. Cries and vomiting could be an early sign of sinus caused by the narrowing and blockage of nasal channel. It is best to seek your physician’s advice.

Toddlers crying are part and parcel of parenting challenges. Parents would always overcome these challenges with care and positive parenting.

Happy parenting.

Source by Appolonius Sylvester

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