1 Less Diaper – What Does This Mean For the Environment? A Reduced Carbon Footprint For Your Baby!

Practicing Elimination Communication (EC) is a Great Way to Reduce All Forms of Diaper Waste and Washing.

This means a smaller carbon footprint for your baby. The Earth will benefit from less waste generated by those notoriously huge creators of waste – brand new babies! Consider EC, or Baby Pottying, as a way to begin gradually reducing the amount of diapers your baby wears each day. Aim to use one less diaper daily. Your baby will help…

‘EC’ is a traditional, ancient way of caring for the hygiene needs of your baby.

Good News! Yes, you can ease into these ideas gradually – perhaps the easiest way of doing anything… By easing into EC it will seem as if it is just a natural extension of your parenting abilities – because it IS a natural thing, yet a learned skill as well.

Elimination Communication is a cumbersome word that gives you the best of all worlds: using diapers and helping your baby use the potty at the same time. You will help reduce the amount of washing you need to do when using cloth diapers. (which use at least 40% less natural resources than disposable diapers)

You will need to change literally thousands of diapers until your child weans to underwear. What is one diaper less each day? It’s an easy goal to strive for!

What Does One Less Diaper Each Day Mean?

1. 1 less diaper a day over 2.5 years is over 912 fewer diapers – that’s a lot of experience for your baby too, and a lot of moments connecting with your baby in a positive, fun way…

2. 1 less diaper a day over 3 years is 1095 fewer diapers – that’s over $492 saved if you consider an average disposable diaper costs .45c…

3. Even 1 less pooey diaper each week is 156 diapers you can avoid having to wash – I’m not actually sure how many washing loads that would be… but I’m the thought of that many LESS messy diapers to manage has your attention!

The average family spends $300-$400 on disposable wipes – 7 less diapers each week will mean a reduction in this waste too, as well as plastic diaper disposal bags.

By now you are thinking: “1 Less Diaper – but that’s not intimidating at all! I can do that!”

Yes, you can. In cooperation with your baby, as a team. Your baby will wear diapers between potty visits as you build your confidence and learn what you need to know to reduce your reliance on full-time diapers.

By picking up some skills in baby pottying, you will be reducing your use of diapers by ‘tweaking’ the skills you already have, by adding in some new skills, to help you have a ‘greener’ baby, save money – and have FUN in the process as you connect with your baby in a slightly different way than is currently common.

Part Time Diaper Free is dedicated to helping you reduce your diaper use as you gently, naturally and gradually practice Elimination Communication with your baby, and discover the joys of doing so.

Source by Charndra Josling

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